Sunday, 6 June 2010

More praise for Cirwen!

My daughter's success made it to the local newspaper!
It's not the first page and it's not a big article, but all the

Cirwen's story has been recognised and published in
Evening Post.

Although a few weeks after the award ceremony, I
still had tears welling in my eyes from joy and pride.

Here it is:

"Talented Cirwen shines on stage"


  1. Oh Libertine, how wonderful. I'll bet you are walking on a cloud right now. I think the article is fabulous.

    Cirwen is not only a very talented young lady but very beautiful too. Congratulations Cirwen!

    And congrats to her wonderful mom as well.


  2. This is great. You must be rightly proud and pleased for all that's she's achieved this year. Good on her!

  3. Congratulations Libertine!