Monday, 22 February 2010

News flash: A six year old boy charged with felony

I have read this and cringed. I had to let the world know
about this ridiculous case.

Dallas. A six year old boy with autism has been placed
at school without needed aid and support. Having many
issues including behavioural, hypersensitivities and of
course communication, no wonder he found it frustrating
and could not conform to the "norm".

He was restrained. How?
A 200 lb man SAT ON HIM!!!

Result: the poor boy bit him. And now faces charges of felony...

This is a link to the Facebook group who are trying to petition
the authorities to drop the charges . Please join if you care:

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Valentines Day and tears...

I know what you are thinking. The same as me if
I read this title: " no one loves me... boo hoo!"
No. Actually, exactly opposite...

You see, this year, my husband, decided to order
flowers and a Valentine card from "a secret admirer"
for Cirwen. He thought she will like it and won't feel
a freak if she was to be the only one from her friends
without a card. I thought it was a really sweet idea.

The flowers came when we were all out, and were
picked up by a friend, who temporarily stays with us.
Cirwen found them and the card with simple "be my
Valentine" message in the kitchen.... and burst in

I, of course, sat her down and asked what was the matter.
She didn't want to be any one's Valentine, she doesn't want
to have a boyfriend and it felt "too grown up".
Cirwen was so upset by this, that in the end Daddy had
to confess to the whole idea. We explained that, it was
only to make her smile and to tell her that Daddy loves his

So here we are. A seemingly innocent gesture turned into
a disaster. Cirwen often expresses her fear of growing up.
With this comes also a fear of the fact, that peers will
expect her to have a relationship. An idea of a boyfriend,
to her, means a lot of uncomfortable things: physical contact,
closeness, a threat to her personal space... Well, she is only
11 and I'm happy she is not looking for boyfriends, however
I really did not expect such a strong reaction...

Thankfully, she accepted the flowers, but the card went into the bin.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

On a happier note

Not all lately is such in such a bad state.
There are good news..

Good news No.1
The Academy's Winter showcase was such a success,
that the governors fished out more funding for the
Spring showcase. This will be staged in the school's new
theatre, so the excitement is even higher! (this year
we expect the completion of the new school building).
Cirwen will again take part in the production of the
drama club.

Good news No.2
Cirwen's Learning Mentor has informed me, that she
has nominated my daughter for the Best Achiever Award.
This award is given between 13 of existing in UK Oasis
Academies. My heart grew, when the teacher said, that
she wants Cirwen to be nominated, because she has
improved academically, socially and emotionally in such
a short time despite her Autistic nature and despite the

Whether she will be awarded that is another question,
and time will show. I however, am happy and proud
that she at least made it to the nomination.

Monday, 8 February 2010

International Conference

On 26th of March 2010, The International Autism Conference
will take place in Malta.

It's focus will be "New thinking in Autism". It will be attended
by professionals and charity activists, who will be able to discuss
the new policies and ideas of fighting for the well being of people
with Autism around the world.

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