Friday, 29 January 2010

Some trouble, some frustration

Here we go.

School started only 3 weeks ago with a few days off
because British can't work when it's snowing.

(but snow is not the subject here, nor the inability to
cope in winter)

We got two bullies down, two to go.

The school is very cooperative, although it takes time.
Cirwen has toughened up. She manages to ignore the
teasing comments every day, now.

The last two days I spend on the phone to school trying to
speak to someone. Due to Ofsted visit I managed to talk to
Cirwen's Learning Mentor yesterday. There I found, that
one of the girls has been expelled for bullying not only my

Another hopelessly long process is filing for re-assessment
of Cirwen's needs. The SEN-co, is talking to relevant LEA
(Local Education Authority), who has to approve this motion.
Even the teacher sounded slightly frustrated, that after 3 months,
she still has no approval. There are two more children
on the autistic spectrum in need of that...

Well, as much as I felt disappointed for the lack of details, or action,
I could not blame the teacher. The system is as frustratingly
soulless to the professionals as to us parents.

sooo we're waiting, waiting, waiting... hoping...

Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Autistic gift

It is said that autistic people are either expert or savants
in one particular field. Savant is a rare phenomenon, although
seen in low functioning autistic people as well as those more

I think the reason for that is because autistic children and
adults are obsessive, therefore they gain as much information
as possible on a chosen subject. In other cases, they are simply

I think I have discovered Cirwen's love for words. This is
a piece of her recent homework, where she was supposed to write
what she thinks will happen next in a book the class is currently

I am quite impressed with the style of this little piece. Tell me what
you think, but don't forget she's 11, and I don't think she's a genius :-)
I think there is a potential...

Continuing the story called Jake's Tower...

Last time when Jake went to the zoo with his mum and Steve, a little cheeky
monkey peed on Steve. Jake laughed so much that Steve got angry... and then
had beaten up poor young Jake... So he ran away with his mum....

Now Jake and his mum were rushing to the bus.
“Hello Marie” said a voice. Mum remained in silence completely ignoring
the fact that an old enemy was on the bus too.
Mum turned round in shock “What are you doing here!?”mum cried,
“Tut tut Marie you know who I am. Y’now it’s me Chelsea, don’t you
remember?” Chelsea snorted. She took one look at Jake’s beaten face.
“well well well who is this ugly brute?” asked Chelsea. “Leave us alone! “
said mum.

Once they got off the bus mum whispered “I hope your grandma Mrs.
Judd actually lets us in the warmth! She has to! She owes us big time
for getting your dad Danny against me! Jake knocked on the door “hello?”
said Jake worryingly. The door opened with a horrible sound like
a person screaming in the doorway. “C’mon Jake lets go. Don’t be afraid!”
whispered mum comfortingly. The two of them stepped into the house.
“BANG! CRASH! BOOM!” a voice cried. Mum gasped in shock. “Mrs Judd?
Were are you!?” mum called out. Then a fat big old lady came from
the distance. “WHAT DO YOU WANT!?” cried Mrs. Judd. “we wanted to
get some shelter” Jake whimpered. Mrs. Judd snorted.”All right come in then”
Jake was so happy he even hugged Mrs Judd. They all sat down and
had some tea.
By Cirwen!

Friday, 15 January 2010

New Year - New Hope

Happy New Year my dear friends and future friends.
I haven't been here for a long time. Too long...

Cirwen's emotional problems, bullying, pre-Christmas
run-around and a strain of flu from one family member
to another took their toll. I was too tired to read or write.
If I was a hypochondriac I would have thought I was
narcoleptic :-)

However, I am pleased the year 2009 finished on a good

After an violent incident on the way from school, when
Cirwen was attacked and kicked by another girl, things
have been dealt with swiftly. A parent of another child
saw what happened and called the school. 15 minutes
after my daughter came back home, I received a phone call
from the Head of the Year 7 asking about Cirwen's well
being and for her to submit the statement to him first
thing in the morning. Apparently the girl was already
a major concern at the Academy.

Cirwen, as frightened and upset she was, went to school
the next day and made the statement. Obviously she
was advised to stay away from the girl as much as possible.
Since then, apart from an odd teasing remarks, nothing
as horrible happened.

My beautiful girl took part in the Academy Winter Showcase
taking major part in their Christmas performance. She glowed,
her voice rang when she recited the poem, her movement was
flawless. Both her dad and me were proud as proud could be!
we spoke to the drama teacher who told us that Cirwen is now
the "resident member" of the drama club and she's not allowed
to leave until she leaves the Academy.

Not that Cirwen would like to anyway. I have found that drama,
which she really enjoys, helps her understand the emotions and
feelings, or how to deal with some situations. She began to deal with
teasing in a much calmer manner. The howling and running out
of the classroom has stopped, and she started to enjoy going to
school again. I think it might have helped that she made many
good friends with older pupils at the drama club as well.

Well, that's the best news so far. It doesn't mean the fight is over.
It means we can do this. It means provided the right support from
school and members of the community, we can stop bullying.
She/he probably will never read this, but I would like to say a deep,
heartfelt THANK YOU, to the mum or dad I don't even know,
who called and reported the incident at the bus stop that day.
People like you make a Difference. Thank you.