Saturday, 17 July 2010

What else ?....

Here we go. More to worry about....

Last month must have been very difficult for Cirwen.
She sat four exams over two weeks and she took them
very seriously. She worked at home on maths, because
she really wanted to do well. Then science, IT, English ...

The results were discussed on the parents evening which
she was also required to attend. I have heard nothing but
praise about her work, dedication and her wonderful personality.
I was very, very proud again how much she progressed not
only academically but also emotionally.

Then I spoke to her maths teacher. He was fairly happy with
her work and result of the exam. But.
But he pointed something out I didn't notice or considered.
By the way Cirwen writes numbers backwards, and that she
finds it hard or impossible to make number bonds, he suspects
my girl might have the "number dyslexia". (Forgive my un-
professional term - this is yet to be read and researched).

It did make sense. My next step was to go straight to the SEN-Co,
yet I am still waiting for her call back. Hopefully we will be able to
include the test in September re-assessment of Cirwen's needs.

Two days later, my little star came back home, had a milkshake,
and went to bed. She slept for 13 solid hours! She tried to go
to school, yet came back from the bus stop complaining about
breathing problems and a pain around her heart... Panic attack?
I don't know...

Of course I kept her home. I think the stress, the whole
year in new school, the pressure of being good, fitting in and coping
with sensory stimulae and bullies had taken its toll and her little
body put a stop sign out.

Thankfully summer holidays are starting soon. Just Monday to survive,
Tuesday is the day of their reward trip to Thorpe Park and that's it!

Hold on there Little Star. I'll do anything to keep you well...


  1. I'll buy her another mix thing as a present for doing well :)

  2. It's a lot for anyone to cope with, but she's done so well with everything and she's a daughter to be proud of. Hope she has (and you too) a relaxing time over the summer.

  3. I suppose it isn't surprising that all of the stress of the past year would eventually take its toll physically. It sounds like Cirwen has had a good year overall but we all need to take a break and relax once in awhile. Hopefully the 'numbers' test will come back with good results.