Thursday, 11 June 2009

Secondary school

It is a hard time for everyone to change from
primary school to secondary. For someone
with autism it creates more fears and frustration.
As Cirwen is scared of changes and new things
in general she is very worried about the move.
On the other hand she also is looking forward
to it as she has been allocated a place in our
second choice of school which is the Visual and
Performance Arts Academy. On contrary to
common belief, she is very creative with
fantastic imagination and very good singing
voice. Maths and science is her weakness.

Unfortunately all her close friends will go to
different schools, therefore there is the issue
whether she will be able to make new friends.

I have had a meeting with the new school
SEN-Co (Special Education Needs Coordinator)
a couple of days ago. She was rather surprised
that Cirwen hasn't got the SEN Statement and
was never seen by the educational psychologist.
We had a good chat, where I clearly voiced my
concerns, Cirwen's weaknesses and strenghts,
and both mine and hers fears.

In conclusion, Cirwen will be able to visit the
Academy before the induction day on her own
later this month, to see the classes and facilities.
Then, in July there will be an induction day for
all newcomers, so we shall go and maybe meet
other children who will start with her.

From September Cirwen will be put on the School
Action Plus scheme, where she will be assessed by
the teachers and have some support in the weak
spots. She will be closely monitored, where the
SEN-Co mentioned possibility of applying for the
statement if needed.

There is an option of her being put into a small class
together with other children with learning difficulties.
This worried me a bit as I fear that it would put
an unnecessary label to her name and will make it more
difficult to interact with the rest of the children.

In the end it all seems positive and we will give it a go.
We'll see how it will work. If not, the only other
option is home schooling.


  1. Hey Libertine, about the background, it just occured to me that I could make you one that will reflect the subject of the blog if you want:)

  2. All sounds positive. Glad it went well. It seems such a long process to go through - it must be very frustrating at times.

  3. All the best to your little girl. :) Sometimes, things will work out just fine my friend. :)

  4. It all does sound very positive in the long run, I do hope it all works out for the best.

    It seems while you are having problems with comments, I am having some issues with my dashboard as I did not see this post come up.