Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Government Green Paper on Social Care Reform

This is an announcement posted on Facebook Group
by National Autistic Society. They are the most
outspoken charity in Britain working closely with
the government as the advocate for people with

"The Government's Green Paper on social care reform, published last month, mentions the possibility of moving some disability benefits from being a cash benefit and incorporating it into social care funding, administered on a person's behalf by a local authority.

The NAS will be responding to the Green Paper. We will produce a summary of how the Green Paper proposals could affect people with autism.

We want to know what you think of the possibility of Disability Living Allowance (DLA) being integrated into social care funding. This will inform our official response to the Government. To let us know your thoughts, email policy@nas.org.uk


This message is from The National Autistic Society (NAS). The NAS randomly monitors the content of e-mail messages sent and received.
Any opinions contained in this message are those of the author and are not given or endorsed by the NAS unless the author is clearly stated to have authority to bind the charity, and this has been duly verified by e-mailing companysecretary@nas.org.uk
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This is the text of my response to this:

I would like to voice my concern about the prospect of turning the DLA from cash to a fund towards the social care funding. For children like my daughter living in Bristol area it would be a complete disaster. My daughter is an 11 year old with ASD. Being on a milder end of the spectrum means she does not qualify for SEN statement as well. There are no facilities in the area disigned for young autistic children at all. The only teenage group is situated on the other end of the city which is for 16 year olds or over, therefore she cannot go there yet, or she won't when she can, because of the vicinity, as I do not own a car and public transport may be frustrating.

My daughter's DLA is used, by us, parents, to make sure that we can provide her with extra materials for her education (to keep up with curriculum) and her social education within her age group and interests. Incorporating DLA into social care funding on her behalf will mean that it will be spent on facilities she is not illegible for, or she would not be able to use, because it will be out of our reach. Please feel free to search for suitable facilities for children 11 and over in South Bristol - you won't find any - as the Bristol City Council puts their money where it already is (Hartcliffe - scary place to go, or North Bristol ).

Please do not let this happen.

Faithfully Yours

If anyone reading this post lives in Britain and is autistic or cares for autistic adult or child, please do not ignore it. Email NAS - speak for the sake of those who need it!



  1. I hope others in your area will write too. I don't like in the UK but I can certainly understand your frustrations and concerns. Fingers crossed that they listen!

  2. Thank you, Stacie. I think all of us, everywhere should know how autistic people are treated by authorities.

  3. This sounds like something initiated by a group who want more funds for their own projects with no regard for the individuals it will effect. Like Stacie I hope others will speak out and prevent this from happening.
    I know you will keep us posted on this issue.


  4. SquirrelQueen, you are very right. Within the recession it is a way of avoiding to pay what is due to individual people where there is no way for us to actually monitor what is happening to these funds. Many people commented on Facebook against it as a lot of parents are forced to stay home to care for their children, due to lack of appropriate child care. These, especially single parents, often rely on this money to keep the roof over their heads. I will keep you posted, of course.

  5. I don't live in Britain nor do I have an autistic child...although my 21 year old son sometimes drives me nuts. But I can understand your concern and hope it comes out all right for you.

  6. I also hope people in your area speak up. This sounds like something lawmakers do here to use money where they see fit...like when they push for a new lottery system..."money raised will go toward education" until they reconvene and pass legislation to have the lottery money go back into the general fund.

    Keep us posted. Jenn.

  7. Mr B and B: Thank you for your support. If comes to kids I think autistic or not it's in their job description to drive us nuts from time to time, and in ours, once they turn 16 to embarass them in public. Can't wait!

    Jenn: you've just hit the point. Thank you x