Sunday, 2 August 2009

PC problem fixed finally !!!

Yey! I'm jumping up and down for joy!
My comment posting is finally recognised
AND FIXED! Thank you my genius hubby!

Not only it was the case of "mobile" internet
issue, but also my privacy settings, which
meant I was not recognised as google account
user on any (even my own) pages.

I've been suffering from withdrawal...

Thank you all who have stayed with me


  1. Thanks guys, it really was frustrating to read and not being able to comment or answer the comments on my own blog...

  2. Good evening my friend,

    It seems I've been away too long; I love your colorful blog makeover.


  3. Libertine I read your comment and I actually thought about what you said and you may be right. I thought he had OCD and just couldn't help himself but man he's a pain in the butt. As for the cookies the new store policy is only family pack and he just won't let it go.

    Just so you know I try so hard to make them understand but holy cookie people are madddd they just want what they want. There is another women who is totally obsessed with carrot muffins and I know for a fact she doesn't have any issues she's just plain mean....I swear.


  4. U: welcome back. The makeover is all thanks to AlpHa, who just did it one day...

    JB: I know, they are pain in the neck. so as my daughter was, when suddenly they added a banana to her favourite smoothie... It's the world order shattered and sense of safety and stability damaged. Yet, again I will not try to defend the muffin woman. Mean and spiteful pople are there and god, I met them too :-)

  5. Welcome back. I think your blog look awesome, and I hope you've had a great summer so far :o)

  6. Hey libertine, I got your answer for muffin women I wrote her a letter from my letters to my bakery customers coming soon.

    I left you an answer on my blog drop by when you can OK. As for miss muffin she is mean and just wants me to loose my job. She keeps on reporting us to the store manager about us not baking enough muffins!!!! WTF she is a Satanist muffin mistress......god help us all.


  7. JB I'm looking forward to your letter to the muffin woman. Please understand, I did not have a go at you x

  8. Libertine,
    Your back, happy dance! I have been so busy the last week or so and I haven't been reading my comments all that much. I'm finally starting to get caught up and who should I see but ..... I'm am so glad to have you back.
    Hope all is well,

  9. Glad your back. I would have went through withdrawls too. Judy gave me your blog address. So I thought I would browse around. I have a son with autism and I also blog about him. It's nice to meet other bloggers who have kids with autism. Hope you have a fantastic day. I hope you don't mind me adding you to my blog roll so I don't forget to come back and visit :)

  10. SQ, I missed you too and missed putting my word here and there, lol.

    Stacie, I'm glad you found me. Love your blog and congratulations on your award.

  11. Glad to see your commenting will now skyrocket!

    And yeah Bob in eve got all their money stolen from them by one of the leaders and then got over thrown by 'Goonfleet' who are scum bags :D