Friday, 18 September 2009

... And the fall

I spoke too soon. I have received a call from
Cirwen this afternoon. She was hit by a car
while crossing the road with her two friends.

The driver "didn't see them running..."
He didn't bother to wait for me to get there
as well.

Cirwen was hit in a leg, but so far not even a bruise.
Luckily, the car was not moving fast and stopped
in time just about clipping her side.

She was scared, shocked, and trembling when
I finally got there. Her friends waited with her.
All they could say, the driver was acting strange
and said he was a police worker. I don't think
he was telling the truth, otherwise, he would stay
to confront me. If he didn't drive fast, how come
he didn't see the three girls?!

All I know now, I have a few more white hairs
on my head, and many, many months of work
with Cirwen on independence, travelling to
school and all the rest might have gone to waste.
We'll see. She has weekend to get over it, but
today she asked if I could come with her on Monday.
All that, because of one dodgy driver...


  1. Oh that's awful. What an idiot. Hope she's ok.

  2. What a complete idiot. I hope he gets caught, but I doubt it somehow. I'm glad she's not badly hurt and I hope that she gets over the shock. Good that her friends waited with her too.

  3. I'm glad to hear it wasn't a serious injury. I do hope you don't feel guilty about this incident; it was in no way your fault, or Cirwen's. People driving cars don't always pay attention, particulary in a school zone.


  4. First I'm so glad to hear that Cirwen is physically unharmed. I hope this weekend she, and you, can recover from the shock of the incident.

    How anyone could drive so carelessly when children are present is beyond my understanding. I can't believe he had the nerve to leave before you arrived. I suspect something is amiss just through his actions. I hope you reported the incident to the authorities.


  5. Yikes! I am glad that Cirwen is ok. How could he not see three kids.

  6. Thank you all. Cirwen was her old selfin the evening. Happy and playing with her little brother. U, I do feel guilty for sending her to school without the school bus service. Yet it seems the best, as it is art academy. I will feel guilty if I'll have to push her to travel alone.

    The driver - I doubt they will catch him. Noone seen the registration number, noone knows his name. He spoke to me on the phone, but it was Cirwen's mobile (convenient, ha?). I asked him to stay and wait for me, but he drove off. Cirwen and her friends said he didn't smell of alcohol, but to them he behaved "weird". It all seems strange...

    Well, we're back to square one.

  7. when i read the first setence my jaw dropped.

    but im so relieved Cirwen is alright. i thought something bad happened but shes all in one piece.

    and this is why im scared of the road and driving fast (i dont drive but yeah).

    to that driver, i spit a raspberry in your face D:<

  8. I'm glad your child is all right. Your work may not have all gone to waste, let's wait and see...

  9. Just checking in, I hope all is well.