Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Back on track

Thank you all for your concern and encouraging
comments. It means a lot to me, to know that from
a far someone cares.

Cirwen recovered over the weekend after the incident
and decided to travel to school on her own following
Monday. She is very cautious and so far there was no
problems on the road. She's happy and confident again.

Yesterday, however, something happened out of ordinary
and she panicked. She went to the bus stop as usual. She
was on time, yet two buses didn't stop. (Here's the public
transport in UK... it does happen a lot. Often for no reason,
sometimes, because the bus is full).
Cirwen called me panicking, that she will be late and sent
to the "duty room", which apparently is horrible. She
couldn't understand why it happened, she thought that one
of the drivers "glared at her angrily". She was a mess.
It took me a good few minutes to explain to her, that she
still had to wait for another bus, which WOULD stop, that
these things happen and we can't really help it. I also
promised her I would call the school and explain why she
was late. She calmed down and agreed she would take the
next bus and walk the rest of the way as fast as she could.
As a result, Cirwen stood on that bus stop for 20 minutes...
and still was at school on time. She called again with relief
to let me know.

Such a small change of routine. Unpredictable incident.
I knew it happens, yet I forgot to warn her that British
drivers sometimes miss a stop, make mistakes or just
cannot take another person on board.

For me, something like this is just another annoying fact
of life. For Cirwen, it was confusion and fear. We both learn
from situations like that.

Cirwen knows, she can always call me for advice. I will have
to consider all the possible odds, to prepare her for anything
what can happen when she will start to venture further into the world.
That's a lot to predict. I won't be able to warn her of everything.
I guess, time will show. Many, many panicky calls to come...


  1. Libertine, you're doing the right thing for Cirwen, you can't be there all her life to shelter her. As she learns to be independent, she can still count on you just a phone call away. Let her learn that though life is unpredictable, things will somehow work out, this is your best gift to her. All this training will yield fruits one day and will be worth all your agony. Take heart. :)

  2. How very responsible of her to call.
    I'm glad everything is back on track:)

  3. Hi Libertine,

    I'm really glad to hear that Cirwen has recovered. It has to be comforting to her that you are a phone call away.


  4. I am glad to hear that all has worked out with the missed bus. I am glad that she has you to call in situations like that. It's hard to prepare them for things we don't know will happen. You do a really great job with her.

  5. Hi Libertine,

    I'm glad to hear Cirwen recovered from her ordeal, that is good news.

    No matter how hard you try you can't possibly think of every possible pitfall that might be encountered. The fact that Cirwen knows she can call you for advise, and does just that, is what is needed. Life is going to throw a lot of challenges at her and with your support she will handle each one.


  6. Thank you all. You bring me hope :-)

  7. It is great that she decided to go on her own after the accident. And as long as she knows to call you when she's confused or panicking, just goes to show you, that you've chosen the right steps to help her toward independence. Even though she may have panicked a little...that should be seen as success!
    Thanks for sharing! Jenn

  8. Good to know that she still knew what to do and remained composed enough to do it. That (to me at least) seems a hugely positive thing.