Thursday, 31 March 2011

April 2011 - Autism Awareness Month

Here we are again.  April - the month dedicated to our beautiful people with Autism.

In the jungle of questions what causes it, if we can cure it, how to live with it, why me...etc., the most improtant (in my humble opinion) is are we able to embrace it?  And the Autism Awareness means exactly that.  Those
 who are touched by this condition live it everyday. Us parents embrace, understand and fight for rights and wellfare - we spread awareness to all who want or need to listen.

This year there a quite a few global initiatives to spread the world and show our support.

Light the world Blue:  An attempt to light up most prominent buildings blue.  Ordinary people also pledged to light a blue bulb in their homes.

Stand up for Autism: Ever so popular YouTube event. Thousands of celebrities, parents, charities and Autistic adults and children publish their recorded message to raise awareness of Autism.

Many of us will change their profile picture on Facebook into Autism related icons: jigsaw puzzle ribbon, Autism Awareness Badge, Thomas The Tank Engine, I love someone with autism... and many more.

These are only a few in a sea of events. You'll see us everywhere, badges, local stores, streets, cinemas and public transport. Only this time, we won't  be trying to blend and "fit in".  We'll be loudly and proudly speaking for Autism.

Please listen.  That's all we need.


  1. That's exciting, it sounds like some great events are planned for this month. I'll check out the YouTube event and watch for local happenings.

  2. Please do they usually are really good!