Thursday, 7 April 2011

I should know that, shouldn't I?

It's been very quiet on the school front lately.

Cirwen is happier, goes to school without fear, so I don't have to call and complain, remind of hypersensitivities, beg for help.
The school does not call to inform me of good or bad incidents.

Today, my daughter came back from school and told me she has been taken from the PE class to take a dyslexia and dyscalculia test ... ?!  She has told me that it is organised by the school SEN -Co (Special Education Needs Coordinator).

Well. I am happy, as that's what I begged for since September and was refused.  I felt I failed, lost the battle and failed my girl. Now, suddenly, out of the blue the tests just been done...
Yes, I am glad that it happened, but... but I'd like to be informed!  I should know that it's being done, shouldn't I? What if I already had an appointment in a private centre arranged?

Hmm... I'm glad, but I am also disappointed that the SEN-Co didn't think worth to keep me informed...


  1. Hi Libertine, I'm glad to hear Cirwen is doing well.

    That is a little odd that they did not call to let you know about the testing but I suppose the system doesn't think it important to inform the parents. I would have the same reaction as you.

    Do you think they will call to give you the results?

  2. Squirrel Queen, my friend, I am so glad you share the feeling! I don't think I'll wait for a phonecall, but ring the school myself. Of course, Easter break started today, so I have to wait two weeks to do that. Grrr.. I so dislike waiting!

  3. That makes me angry. They definitely needed to inform you. I'm glad your girl is doing better :)