Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Easter brings good news

Happy Easter to all of you my friends, and family!

As the season approached, I have finally received the long awaiting decision from the Department of Work and Pension regarding my appeal against their reward of my daughter's Disability Living Allowance.  Originally, they rewarded her lower mobility and lower care components saying that she needed only 1 hour of extra care...
I appealed, as for a 13 year old, she is not as independent and resourcefull. As most of people with autism she simply lacks common sense, which really, really is a disadvanage in everyday life. That and for many other reasons, she needs a lot of help from us on daily basis to maintain a healthy and safe lifestyle.

It took two months, school reports, GP reports, babysitter's letter and of course my own letter of appeal.

We WON! We won with the most unsympathetic government body, who is being pushed to cut the disabled benefits even more! I consider it my own, great victory. They agreed to raise the care component to medium, and left the mobility as lower (which I did not expect to be raised). It will be backdated 6 months and will remain at this level indefinately. Finally they realised that you don't "grow out" of autism and there is no real cure?  I hope so.

I am all over the moon, this will be the additional chunk of money I needed so desperately to pay for the independent clinic to run the dyscalculia and dyspraxia tests, after school activities, holiday activities etc...
Cirwen already is making a list :D

In all that, I have an advice for all, who have been awarded lower DLA than they deserve. Appeal. Fight for your right, and the right of your children to live to the full and with dignity.  It is hard and stressfull, but it is worth a while. The more of us voice our anger and disagreement, the less reasons for further cuts, the government will have. Don't suffer and don't let your children suffer.

 Your voice counts here. Let it be heard.


  1. That is very exciting news Libertine, congratulations! Going up against a government agency is never easy but your hard work and perseverance finally paid off.

    Your advice is excellent, there is no reason for anyone to accept something lower than what is deserved. When all the voices work together the government has to listen.

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