Monday, 27 July 2009


Finally - summer holidays...

The last two weeks have been incredibly busy.
Induction days 2-6 went great. Cirwen still
enjoyed going and learning in her future "comp".
She made friends and it seems that some of the
older pupils took her under their wings as well.
She came back one day proud and all smiley as
she was shown where the "cool kids" hang out
during the break. She can't wait to start in
September although she decided to join their
activity scheme during August, where she will
be able to keep in contact with her new friends.

In the meantime, I run around from one parents
meeting to another... Secondary SEN-Co demanded
all medical reports in the last minute, Primary
meeting for admission of the Little Dragon to the
nursery (yey! The teacher can't wait to have Cirwen's
little brother in her class..), the last performance of
the year six... "Doctor Who and The Missing Head-
Teacher" proved to be actually funny and entertaining
(in contrary to endless, boring Christmas plays).
Cirwen didn't have a solo, or main part, but stood out
with her grin and energy. Her face was beaming with
pride and joy on the stage.

The week before the performance, Cirwen was due to
make a presentation in front of the class. Originally,
she decided to do it on her little brother as she loves
him so much. Five days before the assigned day,
however, after a quarrel at school, she changed her mind
and told me she wanted to tell kids about autism. She
was fed up with the laughing and teasing by regular "not
yet bullies". And so, with my help, she did it. She went
to school to explain why she is different, why she cries
so quickly and often, why she talks in such a way, and
how difficult it is when people don't understand how hard
it can be. She also explained it is not all so bad and found
a list of famous people with autism.

I thought she was incredibly brave to do this. it's not easy
to label yourself in front of cruel already kids, and risk may
be more teasing later. Again my worries were unfounded.
Cirwen received an apology from two of the kids who liked
to tease her, and was flooded with questions even after the
lesson finished. Later that day on the assembly, she received
the Golden Award for her presentation.

She made me so proud. She proved she can adjust to change,
she proved she has the potential for independence, she
proved she can fight for herself and accepted her autism
not only as disability she has to live with, she accepted she
will always have to fight for her right to be accepted to the
society, her right to live and strive for achievement.


  1. Massive kudos and congratulations to Cirwen! What a wonderful story of courage and what a fabulous result she got in the responses from the kids. You should indeed be very proud of her :-)

  2. Great way to end one stage of her school career and good on her for doing the presentation, nerve wracking at any time. Enjoy the summer.

  3. Thank you Mim, I really am very proud of her.
    Madame, she did really well and yes, I'd love to enjoy the summer if there was any SUN in Britain!

  4. Standing before a group and making a presentation is hard enough under any circumstances but when you make yourself the subject of the talk it becomes even more difficult. Cirwen is a very courageous young woman, I know you are so proud of her right now.