Friday, 29 January 2010

Some trouble, some frustration

Here we go.

School started only 3 weeks ago with a few days off
because British can't work when it's snowing.

(but snow is not the subject here, nor the inability to
cope in winter)

We got two bullies down, two to go.

The school is very cooperative, although it takes time.
Cirwen has toughened up. She manages to ignore the
teasing comments every day, now.

The last two days I spend on the phone to school trying to
speak to someone. Due to Ofsted visit I managed to talk to
Cirwen's Learning Mentor yesterday. There I found, that
one of the girls has been expelled for bullying not only my

Another hopelessly long process is filing for re-assessment
of Cirwen's needs. The SEN-co, is talking to relevant LEA
(Local Education Authority), who has to approve this motion.
Even the teacher sounded slightly frustrated, that after 3 months,
she still has no approval. There are two more children
on the autistic spectrum in need of that...

Well, as much as I felt disappointed for the lack of details, or action,
I could not blame the teacher. The system is as frustratingly
soulless to the professionals as to us parents.

sooo we're waiting, waiting, waiting... hoping...


  1. I am glad that two fo the bullies are taken care of. Dakota gets bullied at school by one particular boy. They try to make sure the kids are separated. It's very frustrating, It breaks my heart to hear your daughter is going through the same thing.

  2. It is hard. It's hard because I'd loov eto smack someone so often! And I know I can't, shouldn't wouldn't really...

  3. Hi Libertine,

    Glad to hear the bully count is going down. Most bullies tend to pick on more than one person, with enough complaints maybe something will be done about the others.

    It sounds like your system is not all that much different from ours, lack of communitcation and very slow. Good luck, hopefully something will happen soon.