Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Autistic gift

It is said that autistic people are either expert or savants
in one particular field. Savant is a rare phenomenon, although
seen in low functioning autistic people as well as those more

I think the reason for that is because autistic children and
adults are obsessive, therefore they gain as much information
as possible on a chosen subject. In other cases, they are simply

I think I have discovered Cirwen's love for words. This is
a piece of her recent homework, where she was supposed to write
what she thinks will happen next in a book the class is currently

I am quite impressed with the style of this little piece. Tell me what
you think, but don't forget she's 11, and I don't think she's a genius :-)
I think there is a potential...

Continuing the story called Jake's Tower...

Last time when Jake went to the zoo with his mum and Steve, a little cheeky
monkey peed on Steve. Jake laughed so much that Steve got angry... and then
had beaten up poor young Jake... So he ran away with his mum....

Now Jake and his mum were rushing to the bus.
“Hello Marie” said a voice. Mum remained in silence completely ignoring
the fact that an old enemy was on the bus too.
Mum turned round in shock “What are you doing here!?”mum cried,
“Tut tut Marie you know who I am. Y’now it’s me Chelsea, don’t you
remember?” Chelsea snorted. She took one look at Jake’s beaten face.
“well well well who is this ugly brute?” asked Chelsea. “Leave us alone! “
said mum.

Once they got off the bus mum whispered “I hope your grandma Mrs.
Judd actually lets us in the warmth! She has to! She owes us big time
for getting your dad Danny against me! Jake knocked on the door “hello?”
said Jake worryingly. The door opened with a horrible sound like
a person screaming in the doorway. “C’mon Jake lets go. Don’t be afraid!”
whispered mum comfortingly. The two of them stepped into the house.
“BANG! CRASH! BOOM!” a voice cried. Mum gasped in shock. “Mrs Judd?
Were are you!?” mum called out. Then a fat big old lady came from
the distance. “WHAT DO YOU WANT!?” cried Mrs. Judd. “we wanted to
get some shelter” Jake whimpered. Mrs. Judd snorted.”All right come in then”
Jake was so happy he even hugged Mrs Judd. They all sat down and
had some tea.
By Cirwen!


  1. Very impressive for eleven years old. What I find interesting are the emotions Cirwen has included in the piece. For instance "said Jake worringly." and "whispered mum comfortingly". She is definitely in touch with the characters feelings. I am also impressed with her dialogue, something which can be very difficult to write. I agree that the potential is there.

    I can think of few qualities better than a love of words.

    Mum should have a big smile on her face after reading Cirwen's words.


  2. You are very right, Judy. I am grinning rather widely, especially that this homework has been awarded by her English teacher.

    There is also the good sign of the recognition, description and understanding of the emotions. That is why, the note book to write her school diary in will be so important in dealing with things she is not sure how to react to. Still not in practice, so another phonecall is in pipeline...

    Thanks Judy for confirming my view. Sometimes I'm afraid to turn into one of those mums who cannot criticise their own children lol..

  3. Wonderful, natural flow to the language. Great use of words. An A+

  4. Thank you! I'm growing... with pride -)

  5. What an interesting post! I give her an A+ too. And thanks for visiting my post.

  6. I'm always there, I just sometimes have nothing to add. Thank you, I grew another inch

  7. Oh sweetie, you have no idea how much joy and laughter this story brought into my home just now.
    My roomie is from England.
    His name happens to be Steve.
    I read the first line and started busting up laughing. I tried reading the first line out loud to him, but for 5 minutes I laughed so hard I couldn't catch my breath. Steve was cracking up at me because I was laughing so much I couldn't speak.
    When I finally pulled myself together and said "the cheeky monkey peed on Steve." We both busted up laughing all over again.

    LOVED this story. And now I am going to go have some tea as well. Cheers to your beautiful daughter and her adorble story.

  8. Oh, I'm glad to bring a bit of a sunshine to your home! Now it took me a good few minutes to write back, because I've been laughing.

  9. A ja się cieszę, że trochę zrozumiałam:)