Monday, 22 February 2010

News flash: A six year old boy charged with felony

I have read this and cringed. I had to let the world know
about this ridiculous case.

Dallas. A six year old boy with autism has been placed
at school without needed aid and support. Having many
issues including behavioural, hypersensitivities and of
course communication, no wonder he found it frustrating
and could not conform to the "norm".

He was restrained. How?
A 200 lb man SAT ON HIM!!!

Result: the poor boy bit him. And now faces charges of felony...

This is a link to the Facebook group who are trying to petition
the authorities to drop the charges . Please join if you care:


  1. It really makes you wonder what is going on with our school systems, not to mention the legal system.

    I'll check it out. Thanks for sharing the story.

  2. That is awful, it beggars belief that this can happen. I'll take a look at the Facebook page. Thanks.

  3. Thanks to both of you, in my opinion, this cannot be ignored..

  4. And why is the man who sat on him not being done for assault? Outrageous.

  5. Libertine,
    Your blog is incredible - for the awareness that your raise, the ongoing story that you're sharing about your beloved and very gifted daughter and for the fierceness of your spirit. I'm fairly new to the blogosphere, but encountering "mums" like you is a dream come true. My gratitude to whoever steered you in my direction, and I truly look forward to following your journey.
    P.S. I'm sorry about the shrugs you received when Cirwen was young and not talking -- this is just one reason WHY it is so important to raise awareness! Thanks for doing it with so much courage, grace and wit ...

  6. Madame, well this IS the question! I still cannot believe he wasn't..

    QuinnMama - Loads of hugs! Together we will make a difference!

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