Wednesday, 10 February 2010

On a happier note

Not all lately is such in such a bad state.
There are good news..

Good news No.1
The Academy's Winter showcase was such a success,
that the governors fished out more funding for the
Spring showcase. This will be staged in the school's new
theatre, so the excitement is even higher! (this year
we expect the completion of the new school building).
Cirwen will again take part in the production of the
drama club.

Good news No.2
Cirwen's Learning Mentor has informed me, that she
has nominated my daughter for the Best Achiever Award.
This award is given between 13 of existing in UK Oasis
Academies. My heart grew, when the teacher said, that
she wants Cirwen to be nominated, because she has
improved academically, socially and emotionally in such
a short time despite her Autistic nature and despite the

Whether she will be awarded that is another question,
and time will show. I however, am happy and proud
that she at least made it to the nomination.


  1. That is fantastic she has made it the the nomination. My fingers are crossed that she will get the award! She certainly has made great gains!

  2. If she does get this award, it will so boost her confidence! Thank you, we need the lucky fingers, lots of them!


  3. Being nominated is quite a prize in itself, it has already boost her confidence. I mean, someone believes in her and notices her improvement and efforts! Well done Libertine and Cirwen.

  4. Uhh i hope she gets award!!! and yes christmas is dreadfull moneywise!

  5. That is good news on the showcase, the drama club has got to be a real plus for Cirwen.

    How exciting about the nomination. Is Cirwen's proud mom grinning from ear to ear? I will cross all my fingers that she gets the award. As you said, it would really boost her confidence.

  6. That's great news on all fronts. You must be so proud of all her achievements.

  7. Great job Cirwen, a nomination is a win in and of itself! Isn't good news grand?

  8. Thank you all for your lovely comments. Yes, I am proud and grinning very widely :-) I do not know when it all be resolved but I will certainly keep you informed.