Monday, 11 October 2010

Autism Service Dogs Part 2 - It's not all so great. Ryan has some questions

This second video Ryan has made, carries
a lot of weighty questions to organisations providing
and training dogs to assist the vulnerable.

I thought we all should know about the flaws in the system
Ryan has noticed, and is not afraid to ask loudly about them.

While some are lucky, the others are left queueing or
simply deemed not eligible for a life companion.

For example, I found out that in UK the dogs are NOT
available for people between 11 and 16/18 years old...
Why? I am waiting for a reply.

My lovely guest's:


  1. The video raises some very good questions, it would be interesting to hear the answers.

    That is a little shocking that the UK dogs are not available for the age group that could benefit most from the service. I hope you get a reply to your "why".

  2. The system is flawed and fickle in all aspects of the system, SQ. I am still asking and fighting for a change.