Monday, 18 October 2010

Back to square one

I am back to square one.

The clinic we attended in the past cannot see us,
due to the change of boundaries.

In the meantime the GP has referred us to another
NHS service, they also will not see young people from
our area of the city.

I am back on the trail, looking for appropriate clinic to
do the required tests... none of the representatives of
regecting us was able to tell me which clinic serves the
South of Bristol...

In the end, I have emailed Primary Care Trust for information.
No answer as yet, but I shall talk to my doctor tomorrow.
At least I know what the path of referral should be.

I was fuming last Friday. Today .... I just have to wait.
Wait, and watch Cirwen struggling....


  1. I can understand why you would be fuming. One would think if an agency rejected you they could at least offer a suggestion of where to turn for help.

    It does sound like you are learning more each time, good luck with the continued search.

  2. Yes, I am learning... and fuming... I have contacted Primary Care Trust - the body governing the National Health Services in my city. I learned that due to changes of boundaries etc. there is no services for our area. They will get back to me in a week once they find out what temporary measures have been arranged. I have a terrible feeling there is none.

  3. So many hurdles to jump! Keep up the good fight Mama Bear! Your daughter is so lucky to have you working so hard for her.

  4. Thank you Natalie, it means so much to have good people with me! I haven't finished yet. Although slightly depressed by this whole situation I am making another move, as my anger is stronger.

  5. i really understand this. my husband has Bipolar 11 and the quest to find him good and appropriate treatment that we can afford has been awful. hang in there.

  6. Hope you get this resolve soon. Make your anger constructive and get something out of it.

  7. Thank you Maggie, and Madame. I have so far got angry enough to inform electronically my MP and voiced my anger at the atrocious situation. We'll see if she answers..