Thursday, 7 October 2010

Autism Service Dogs Part 1 -- Meet my guest

Today, I'd like you all to meet my guest: Ryan and
her beautiful white German Sheppard , Nimrodel.

Ryan is an Autistic young woman thanks to whom,
I have found out about the Autism Service Dogs.
Nim has made Ryan's independent life possible and
happy. Please listen and watch their story:

(she says it's a draft, but I wouldn't change it)

Autism service dog dedication - video by Ryan

Contacts for USA organisations - the best of all Wilderwood
and Highland Canine

Contact for United Kingdom organisations - supportdogs

All of them train the dogs both for children and adults.


  1. What a wonderful video Libertine, I had no idea this type of service dog existed. It looks like Nim has made a remarkable difference in Ryan's life.

  2. Neither did I know of it until I met Ryan. I was amazed and still am that it is possible and how well they work together! I think the non verbal children can benefit the most from a canine friend and guardian!