Tuesday, 12 October 2010


There is a very remarkable man on twitter today.
Yesterday morning, Gray Collins or @diaryofaledger started
his 60 hour tweetathon to raise the money for
the National Autistic Society in the Isle of White.

The target is £5000. Gray is now tweeting at least
every 10 minutes for over 30 hours and raised over

He is doing it because his nephew and niece are on
the autistic spectrum and he can closely see the
struggle his family face every day.

Whoever you are, please visit his website.
If you cannot donate spread the word! Tweet,
retweet facebook it, lets help him reach the target
before midnight!

Here is his website: Just Giving


  1. thanks for stopping by my blog. you have a wonderful blog... autism is definitely something that is on my mind as a mother of an infant & i will be back here often. also, i would like to follow you on twitter but i couldn't find your name on here.

    find me on twitter so i can follow you :)

  2. I'm sro sorry, Libertine was taken (grrr) when I joined so my twitter name is @autismmusing.

    I shall find you though. Hugs!

  3. A pity I missed this. I hope he made the target.

  4. I am happy to say he not only reached his target, but exceeded it by whole fat £2000! Total donated: £7000.00 !!!

  5. I checked in several times during the marathon, it was exciting to see that he exceeded the target amount.