Wednesday, 29 April 2009

Aaaa!! I can't keep up with myself!!!

First of all, I have to apologise to Jane from Days Of Our Lives
for not collecting my Golden Heart Award till today. I am
honoured to be in the company of people I admire, not
mentioning the award comes from someone who gives me
so much hope, food for thought and laughter. Thank you
Jane xxx!

Next, I have to admit, last 6 days have been absolutely mad.
It's all Spring's fault!!! And maybe people like SquirrelQueen,
who publish all that beautiful, colourful, "springy," photos.
As the world has a makeover I had one too... a bit of vanity.
Like the nature starts to show its colours and start new life,
I long for adventure... So here I am: new hair, new tattoo,
totally new image. I do not work in an office anymore so I do
not have to conform to the dreadful "business dress code" any
more. Yey!

Today I find out I have also been TAGGED in (Un)important
Things by SquirrelQueen (again it's her, lol, love ya really!)
from The Road To Here!

It's a game and it's dead easy!


A) Mention the person who nominated you. (See above)
B) List six (un)important things that make you happy.

It's actually not so easy because there are more than six
things like this, I'm easily pleased....

1. A kiss from my daughter
2. The sound of my children's laughter
3. An experimental dinner cooked by my husband which
is always delicious
4. Sun and rainbows
5. A book or poem I can't stop reading
6. Tom Waits and a glass of good old Jack Daniels on a winter evening

C) Tag six blogs, state the rules and notify them with a short
comment on their blog.

Here you are, these are those I have recently discovered:
1. Awziejam from Too strange To be True
2. VoodoKobra from Kobra's Korner
3. Locateblogger from MusicManiac
4. jb from It's Gonna Take More Than A Hamburger To
Make me Happy

5. Comedianx from Comedians World
6. Grumpy from My Blog

Phew! OK people you've been TAGGED!!!
I hope I will catch up with you all and myself soon...


  1. The dreadful intrusion of real life. Like all your list.

  2. Phew, that's what I was saying about this time yesterday.
    I also like your list. Maybe this winter we should all get together for an evening with Tom Waits and Jack Daniels.


  3. Klara...hhaha thanks for tagging me. I'm honored again by you. I hope that the bunny didn't scare you into doing this hahaha. I will post this as soon as I get my self together. You are a shining example of goodness. You take good care ok.


  4. SQ, this is a great idea - friends, good music and uncle Jack! I'm glad you like my list.

    JB, thanks for you compliments... I now grew with pride, you added 1 inch to my 5 feet! Btw, I'm not that good at all. :-)

  5. Libertine,

    You're my blog chum. So when you say, "As the world has a makeover I had one hair, new tattoo..."

    You can't mention gettin a tat and not reveal what it looks like. It's in the details sister.I don't speak for anyone except The U when I say, "Yes, I have an inquiring mind".


  6. Well done on the award!
    Chucky as in rugrats or chucky as in scary baby thing?

  7. I agree with U ... share the tattoo!!
    Hey ... that rhymed …. ‘giggle’

  8. U,my friend, you certainly ! Lol Together with SQ you left me no choice I will share soon especially, that rhymes are involved :-)

    E_M_Y: Thank you, I ment Chucky from the scary films... boo!

  9. wow is nice post...nice to meet u...

  10. Great blogging carry on................