Wednesday, 1 April 2009

World Autism Awareness Day - 2 April 2009

The purpose for this day is to raise
autism awareness within communities
and especially governments all over the

It is time for the local and global authorities to
recognise Autism in total of it's spectrum as
distinct from other conditions.

Due to the fact that the needs of autistic adults
and children are often not understood, they
suffer negligence and inappropriate social care.

According to the National Autistic Society, the
research suggests that autism costs UK £27.5
billion a year. This could be greatly reduced if
correct support was in place.

We need the local authorities to initiate urgent
planning, dedicated resources, and policy

Look out for events in your communities which
will be happening today.

Copy and add the badge to your blog for today

Please watch the video. I don't ask for your
money - that's someone else's responsibility.
I am asking for your understanding.


  1. Good evening Libertine,

    First let me say that I have no knowledge of Autism. I cannot rectify that in one day but I can demonstrate my solidarity.

    With your permission, I would like to clone your post "World Autism Awareness Day" and publish it on my blog. I will provide a link to your blog.

    I am honored that you visited my blog. I am truely awed by those who invest their lives in helping others. It is a wonderful gift that you impart.


  2. First, let me tell you how embarrassed I am.
    I thought I was following you, I just knew I was.
    I was wrong!!!!! Opps!!!!
    Fixed that right away!

    Great blog, and fantastic post. This is phenomenal!!!!

  3. U: yes please. Clone ad spread the word as you do so beautifully!

    Christine: No worries it must have been one of the little glitches. Here you are my Friend :-)

  4. My Eldest son suffers from Asbergers among other things. Thank-you for bringing this to my attention.
    I would like to write a post that I will link back to you,If that is okay?

  5. I've been out of touch for a few days...sorry I didn't stop by sooner... You did a great job with this!! I love the video!.

  6. I was wanting to email you this question. But I don't see a link. So I will ask my question here. I have been viewing your blog and trying to fiqure out. If it is you or your child or someone you know that has autism?

    As for this video it was a really good one.

    I know a guy that has Autism and I have also heard people talk badly about him. Until they find out the guy is my husbands cousin and he is just fine. Not all these bad things you hear are true.

    Just because he is different doesn't mean he should be a target for bad gossip.