Tuesday, 14 April 2009

A big "Thank you" to AlPha B.

It have been very eventful two days here, within
the blog community. The Awards being given and

Thanks to these awards I have so many new
fantastic blogs to check out and follow! Phew,
it's very exciting and spring like...

However, what I actually want to say is:

Thank you AlPha Buttonpusher. Thank you
for passing the honour of Noblesse Oblige
to me. I have only started my blog a month
ago with big aspirations but expectation of
rather mild response due to a sensitive subject
or, as they call it niche. I am truly stunned by
the warm welcome, encouragement and variety
of my readers!

To add a cherry on top AlPha has took her
time to search for these new autism related
icons with added link to "Untamed thoughts..."
What can I say but: just jump up and down
and shout again Thank you!!!

For your time, generosity and all these

beautiful things and thoughts you do!

Click away dear friends, copy and paste,
add anywhere you wish.


  1. Well a big huge BOUNCING CONGRATS to you!
    A very well deserving person!

  2. Good afternoon Libertine!

    I am happy to be a part of the community that has the opportunity to read your blog. I am humbled each time I read something you've written.


  3. Hallo - took a while to find you, as the username didn't seem to link to a blog. Anyway, here I am. I look forward to learning more about a subject about which i know very little and just learning more about you. This to me is the joy of blogs.

    And congratulations too :)

  4. You are all far too kind. I am more than lucky to have you here. Thank you

  5. You have a new award, come over to my blog and see!

  6. Awww you just made me blush xoxox
    Thank you *HUGS TIGHT*