Sunday, 5 April 2009

Off topic...

Cirwen - The name is originating from Caerdwin - the Welsh goddess
of hunting. Meanings: fair, sacred, beautiful star.

The legend says Caerdwin used to hunt in the Celtic forests using her
magical bow. Usually she would take on the form of an animal as
a disguise. Her naked beauty in the full moon light seen by the mortal
eye was a sacrilege. Those who saw her hunting in her true form were
struck with her arrow and joined the spirits of the woods.

For the fans of World of Warcraft - the choice of this name for our
daughter has nothing to do with this game!

- The constellation in the northern sky, also the smallest star
in this group. Meaning: little dragon.

According to one of the legends, all dragons turn into a star in this
constellation after they die. Draco was the last and youngest dragon
to join the sky.

For the fans of Harry Potter - the choice of this name has nothing to
do with Draco Malfoy! (although I'm waiting to be called to school
and be told he had a fight with Harry... bets I won't keep my face


  1. haha!
    WoW is the worst game i've seen. my mate got addicted to it, but at least he made a shed load of money from it.

  2. My hubby played it for a while but indeed it's the worst MPORG ever. I quite like Eve, although it's not as addictive, it's a bit like a business handbook. lol

  3. Aww..I already said how I love Draco..I sound funny pronouncing

  4. lol Alpha. Cirwen - pronounce kayewen(not sure about phonetics). Believe me it took time for my Polish tongue to get it rolling too :-)

  5. Hi Libertine,

    I was all set to tell you about another blogger Jenn who has a daughter with Autism but I see you've visited her blog.

    Through you and Jenn, I'm confident I'll gain a much better insight on Autism. I'm thankful that this virtual community has allowed me to meet both of you and learn about your wonderful daughters.

    Keep writing my friend, I will be here to read. Always the best to you and family.


  6. Everybody seems to be up on this ... except for me ..... LOL ..... so out of the loop!
    Although, loved the history tid-bits.

  7. Having recently discovered my Celtic ancestors I had wondered about the origin of Cirwen's name.
    I have always been intrigued by dragons. Never played WOW, guess I'm too much into FPS.

  8. U- thank you. You are just too kind :-) I hope you'll like what you'll find here.

    Christine - I'm a bit of a sucker for legends and stuff like this. I'm sure they especially Draco, will curse me for the unusual name. They won't be able to say at scjool when they are in trouble that it was the "other Draco/Cirwen!"

    SquirrelQueen - I collect dragons, and one of the reasons I came to Britain was the fact thaat I fell in love in Celtic culture. As to WoW - there's nothing to regret :-)

  9. You of these days I will have to ask you about your Polish roots.LOL. My Grandma is the only one left in our family that speaks Polish fluently...and I am having a real hard time tracing my family back to Poland. I have all the names and places...but those generations are gone and I don't write or speak Polish myself so I am trying to figure out where to start there. LOL.

    The names are beautiful...although until you replied to someone with the phonetics of the name Cirwen I wouldn't have known how to pronounce it. Draco is just ultimately cool name.

    Loved learning more about the roots of these names. I love Celtic culture as I have family from those parts of the world too!

    Cheers!! JENN

  10. What a small world Jenn! Although due to many hard times in the history of Poland we are scattered all over the world. I'd love to help you finding your roots!